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The windmill is equipped with solar LED module. The solar cell (inevitably directed towards the sun / south)
consumes energy
and stores it in the battery. The twilight sensor activates the LEDs after sunset. Before first use it is important
to turn on the module. The switch is inside the windmill.
Remember that the battery will not charge in the
absence of the sun and the lights will not glow at night.

DREW-HANDEL is a family company with 30 years of experience in working with woods allows you to get the highest quality at a reasonable price.
We offer different types of outdoor or garden decorations. All products are protected against corrosion by ecological impregnation.
DREW-HANDEL Decorative Wooden WindmillOur Traditional Garden Windmill is a charming decoration and will be a real gem for your yard or garden!
This windmill has the shape of a hexagonal base. It is fully functional – the wooden sails spin in the wind, just like a real windmill. The top part also rotates 360 degrees to face the direction of wind. The detailed windmill design with slatted sails makes a lovely focal point for your garden!


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